Update My Beneficiaries

All updated beneficiary forms below should be sent directly to the vendor or administrator. Changes to a Maryland State Retirement Pension System (MSRPS – the pension plan) beneficiary must be notarized.

Complete a separate form for each plan that requires a beneficiary change. Please remember to keep a copy in a safe place and give a copy to the beneficiaries so that they will be prepared if an unexpected event occurs.

Vendors may be contacted directly.  See Vendor Contacts.

Income Protection Benefits

Retirement Plans*


Optional Retirement Plans

Supplemental Retirement Plans (401k, 403b, 457b and Roth)

 *Mandatory Retirement Plan Healthcare Important Information

Note: According to the current plan in effect, the beneficiary(ies) designated on the Retirement Account are a factor in determining the availability of health care for a surviving spouse or beneficiary. It is critical that employees who are anticipating their spouse to be eligible to receive a healthcare subsidy, the spouse must be named as primary beneficiary on the retirement account. Under current rules, this along with other criteria including the years of service requirement will determine state subsidy toward the cost of the premium amount for the spouse/beneficiary.