Contingent Contractual II Employees

Health Benefit Changes

Benefit changes are only allowable during Open Enrollment or if the employee has a Qualifying Status Event.  For more information about making changes to current benefit elections, please click on the appropriate link below:

 Below are the forms that should be completed to enroll in or make a change to benefits during Open Enrollment:

Completed forms should be sent to the Benefits Office along with the required documentation. Note that a mid-year contract renewal is not a Qualifying Status Event, and such changes are not permitted.

Benefits for contingent category II employees will be effective approximately two (2) pay periods after the healthcare enrollment form is submitted to the Benefits Office. Coverage will begin on the 1st of the month following the “Qualifying Event” date (such as marriage, loss of coverage, divorce, etc.). Effective dates for newborns will be adjusted to the actual date of birth. Employee will be billed by the State of Maryland back to their effective date of coverage.Contingent category II employees will receive payment coupons within 7-10 days after their enrollment form is submitted and processed.

Contractual II Employees with healthcare assistance

  • Retro coverage is required back to the qualifying status event date
  • Will owe from the 1st of the month
  • Be prepared to pay at least two premiums with first payment

Contractual II Employees without healthcare assistance

  • Retro coverage is optional
  • ”Retro Requested” must be indicated at the top of Healthcare application
  • Retro coverage is available by paying premiums back to date of hire
  • Be prepared to pay at least two premiums with first payment


For information on Electronic Direct Pay, click on Electronic Direct Pay FAQ