UMB Volunteers Set Sail

UMB Volunteers Set SailAnchors aweigh!

Almost 30 years ago, two public school teachers in East Baltimore dreamed about getting their students on the water. With The Lady Maryland, a 109-foot ship, they launched an initiative called Living Classrooms, which has brought hands-on learning experiences to more than 16,000 youth.

During Welcome Month on Sept. 3, University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) students and staff helped Living Classrooms clean trash, which washes into the wetlands and marina, from the area surrounding their East Harbor Campus. Organizations such as Under Armour and Legg Mason also joined in.

The health of the water and its importance to our ecosystem and our city, historically and now, has been a component of the Living Classrooms Foundation’s direction. But the organization’s driving force is meeting the needs of the Baltimore community with its creative programs.

For more on its many programs, visit livingclassrooms.org.

There are many ways you can support the work of Living Classrooms:

  • Clean up trash.
  • Become involved in their educational programs.
  • Teach life or job skills.
  • Become a guide at a historical site.
  • Help with ship maintenance.
  • Coach an after-school sports team.

— Renee Cockerham

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