A Green Halloween

A Green HalloweenWant to go green this Halloween? UMB Go Green has compiled a few tips: 

  1. Reuse costumes and accessories. Check out these upcycled, eco-themed costume ideas.
  2. Use reusable Halloween and/or grocery bags for trick-or-treat bags.
  3. Reuse old candles to show off creatively carved pumpkins.
  4. Make pie or soup with pumpkin flesh — they’re filled with nutritional benefits.
  5. Invest in green candies from companies such as Endangered Species Chocolate, Theo, and Yummy Earth
  6. For costume make-up, reuse powders and paints, or check out these organic and vegan cosmetic options.
  7. For your Halloween décor:
    • Use LED lights.
    • Purchase quality decorations that will last.
    • Turn a bed sheet into a ghost for the front door.
    • Use natural materials such as chrysanthemums, gourds, and hay bales, which can be used in compost after the holiday. 

Happy Green Halloween!

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