It’s Your Turn to Turn It Off

It’s Your Turn to Turn It OffWe all do it. Whether we’re at the car wash or dropping our kids off at school, we leave our cars running.

But did you know that letting your car idle for 10 seconds wastes more fuel than restarting your car?

Do we really understand how much we use?

Americans waste 3.8 millions gallons of fuel every day from idling our vehicles. That much fuel is equivalent to five Olympic-size swimming pools or 200,000 barrels of foreign oil imports. 

And 3.8 million gallons of fuel costs us $7.98 million every day.

Why should you turn off your engine?

Besides saving fuel and money, turning off your engine helps the environment. For every 10 minutes of idling cut from your day, you prevent 1 pound of carbon dioxide from being released into the air. 

So: Getting into the habit of turning off your car can make a big difference. For example, idling for five minutes to warm up your car in the morning, three minutes at the drive-thru ATM, or four minutes listening to your favorite song on the radio in your driveway is equivalent to driving 24 miles.

Take Action

Sustainable America has launched the “Turn It Off” campaign to raise awareness regarding the negative consequences of idling and educate drivers on how a small change can make a big impact.

Below are a few ways to take part in the campaign:

Take the pledge

Help America and yourself save fuel by taking the pledge: “I pledge to idle for no longer than 10 seconds when I am not in traffic.”

Pass it on

Share the campaign to help end unnecessary idling. Whether you’re a business professional or a student looking to reduce fuel consumption, the campaign offers downloadable posters, flyers, and rules to get everyone involved.

Show your support

Order a bumper sticker for $2 to put on the back of your car to show your support for the campaign.

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