Green Tips

Use your dishwasher - Thumbnail

Use your dishwasher

Did you know?

Running a full load saves as much as 35 percent of the water used to wash dishes by hand. Save water — run full loads.

Eliminate E-Waste - Thumbnail

Eliminate E-Waste

Did you know?

Americans throw away 50 million metric tons of electronic waste per year. Recycle your electronics.

Winterize Your Home - Thumbnail

Save your heat

Did you know?

About 25 percent of your home's heat can escape through leaky windows. Keep your home a little warmer and weather-strip your doors or caulk your windows.

Turn off the lights - Thumbnail

Turn off the lights

Did you know?

Lighting is responsible for about 11 percent of a home's energy bills. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Can and jam - Thumbnail

Can and jam

Did you know? 

Foods at peak ripeness offer superior nutritional advantages, even when preserved. Start canning surplus fruit and produce.

Bring a bag - Thumbnail

Bring a bag

Did you know?

Less than 1 percent of plastic bags are recycled in the United States each year. Shop with reusable bags.

Pack a trash-free lunch - Thumbnail

Pack a trash-free lunch

Did you know?

Lunches packed without disposable bags and containers will save you up to $250 per year. Bring a zero-waste lunch.

Host a habitat - Thumbnail

Host a habitat

Did you know?

Birds fly 15 to 600 miles or more per day during annual migrations. Create a stopping point — a bird-friendly back yard.

Bee wild - Thumbnail

Bee wild

Did you know?

Most crops depend on pollinating insects to produce seeds or fruits. Attract local pollinators — diversify your garden with native plants!

Bike more - Thumbnail

Bike more

Did you know?

Fifty to 90 percent of carbon emissions are caused by automobiles. Try the bike lane!