Green Living Space


  • Use reusable cups, plates, silverware, and coffee mugs.
  • Encourage others to recycle and support sustainability efforts at UMB.
  • Use a reusable stainless steel or BPA-free water bottle.
  • Buy products in packages that can be recycled.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Store food in reusable containers: See tips for a trash-free lunch.
  • Use cloth napkins and towels.
  • Donate to Goodwill and other charities.
  • Shut off faucets when brushing teeth or washing hands.
  • Reduce use of air-conditioning units by opening windows.
  • Buy used goods or acquire them free from Craigslist, Freecycle, or friends
  • Take shorter showers: See Top Six Tips for Taking a Shorter Shower.

Planet-Friendly Home

Set up a Green Home Office

  • Set printer to double-sided default.
  • Reduce use of cords; use Smart Strip power strips.
  • Power down computer at the end of the day.
  • Turn off computer monitor when not in use.

Energy-Efficient Electronics

  • Use a solar-powered charger for your phone and other electronics.
  • Use one TV.
  • Use Energy Star-rated appliances.
  • Turn off power strips at the end of the day.