In-State Classification Process

All new incoming students' default to out-of-state, non-resident. If you wish to be considered for in-state residency status in accordance with the VIII-2.70 Policy on Student Classification for Admission and Tuition Purposes. We require an Application for In-State Classification.

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In order to qualify for in-state tuition all of the follow 9 criteria has to be met:  

1. Owning or renting and continuously occupying living quarters in Maryland.
2. Having substantially all personal property in Maryland.
3. Paying Maryland income tax.
4. Registering all vehicles in Maryland
5. If licensed, possessing a valid Maryland driver's license.
6. If registered, being registered to vote in Maryland.
7. Receiving no public assistance from a state other than Maryland.
8. Having the legal ability under law to live permanently and without interruption in Maryland.
9. Rebutting the presumption that he or she is in Maryland primarily to attend an educational institution

Full policy on in-state: VIII-2.70 Policy on Student Classification for Admission and Tuition Purposes

Please review the Board of Regents/University System of Maryland found at for all residency reclassification requirements.

NOTE: You must read the Classification Policy to learn the details of each requirement.

Applying for In-State Classification

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) follows the VIII-2.70 Policy on Student Classification for Admission and Tuition Purposes of the University System of Maryland. This policy sets the residency requirements, procedures, and appeal information. UMB uses it to grant in-state status for admission and tuition. Application for In-State Classification.

Reevaluation of Residency Status

A student may request a reevaluation of residency status by filing a Petition for Change in Classification for Tuition Purposes (hereinafter referred to as Petition) with the Office of the Registrar, 601 W. Lombard St., Suite 240, Baltimore, MD, 21201, for review by the Campus Classification Officer (CCO).

A student must meet the requirements for in-state status and submit a completed Petition, including all required documents, by the last published date of registration for the term the student wishes to be classified as in-state.


No change in status requested by the student shall be given retroactive effect prior to the term for which a timely petition was filed.

Only one petition per term may be filed by a student.

A determination of in-state status is valid only if a student actually enrolls in the term in question. Determinations that are made in cases in which the student does not actually enroll are not valid for a subsequent term (with respect to which all requirements must be independently satisfied and a new and timely Petition submitted).

Burden of Proof

The burden of proof rests upon the student. Failure to provide complete and timely documentation and responses to requests for information may result in a denial of the reevaluation.

In the event incomplete, false, or misleading information is presented, the campus may revoke an assignment of in-state status in addition to other disciplinary actions it may initiate.


A student who has been denied reclassification after the submission of a Petition may request a personal interview with the Campus Classification Officer (CCO) to present any and all evidence relevant to the student's classification and to answer questions that may have been raised about their status. The request for a personal interview must be received by the CCO no later than ten (10) business days from the date of the University's written denial of the Petition, email 

Further Appeal

If after the personal interview the decision of the CCO is still adverse, the student may file a written appeal with the Campus Review Committee (CRC). Such written appeal must be received by the CRC no later than ten (10) business days from the date of the most recent written adverse decision of the CCO. The student must set forth in detail all facts and arguments upon which the appeal is based. This written appeal request can be emailed to  The written appeal shall be decided by the CRC. The decision, communicated to the student in writing, shall be final and binding.


Insofar as the burden of proof rests upon the student, failure to provide complete and timely documentation and or responses for information to the University may result in a denial of the appeal.

Decisions on requests for reclassification may require an extended period of time. The review of the petition and an initial determination of the status may take as long as six (6) weeks, not including subsequent appeals. During this period of time, or any further period of time required by the University, fees and charges based on the previous determination must be paid. If the determination is changed, any excess fees and charges will be refunded.

Notification of Changes

The student shall notify the institution in writing within fifteen (15) business days of any change of circumstances that may alter in-state status.