Information and Guidelines - Professional Liability Insurance Coverage For Student Volunteer Activities

The campus, schools and individuals on campus have been receiving an increasing number of requests for “volunteers” to assist with community outreach and volunteer events, such as requests for health aides at marathons or walks, and to give flu shots at campus or community events. 

These requests may be promoted through campus email or bulletin-boards by UMB or school leadership, by student groups, or by others.

It is important for students, faculty and staff to know that the professional liability insurance provided to UMB students is intended to cover only formal experiential training activities that are part of the curriculum that are organized and conducted under the supervision of the school.  Students and University personnel should not assume that the same professional liability insurance provides coverage for volunteer or community outreach activities.

A school or program may determine that a specific volunteer or community outreach activity qualifies as a “formal experiential training activity that is part of the curriculum, organized and conducted under the supervision of the school.”  However, such a determination must be made in advance and a specific list of qualifying criteria must be reviewed and approved before the activity may be qualified for coverage.

The criteria are designed to ensure that UMB student volunteer activities comply with the terms imposed by each insurance company as a condition of providing professional liability insurance to UMB students.  In each case, the School or program must keep in its files documentation showing that a designee of the Dean determined in advance that minimum criteria were met, risks were appropriately assessed, and school oversight and control of the volunteer event was meaningful and adequate to manage risks arising from UMB student participation.

This form should be used by each School or program.  Each school or program must submit a quarterly report of all approved student volunteer activities to EHS.  The reports will be used to analyze risks and assist UMB insurers in determining future premium calculations.

These guidelines address professional liability insurance coverage for UMB students only.  Determining if UMB faculty and staff are properly licensed and insured for volunteer activities requires a different analysis and is not addressed under these guidelines.

Community Outreach - Student Activity Form