Audit Checklists and Follow Up

Audit Checklists, Common Findings, Corrective Actions

See the General and Radioactive Lab Audit Checklists below for a list of the commonly cited findings, as well as their corrective actions.

These lists can be used as a self-check resource prior to an inspection as well as throughout the year. Contact EHS at (410) 706-7055 or if you have any questions about the findings or resolutions.


In 2017, the top 10 most commonly cited findings were:

  • Chemical labeling inadequate or missing
  • Eyewash concerns identified
  • Chemical storage compatibility issues
  • Updated door sign not posted
  • Biohazard trash too full
  • Corrosive chemicals stored above eye level
  • Compressed gases not secured
  • Reusing disposable gloves
  • Chemical storage - secondary containment needed
  • Compressed gases not properly capped while stored


Here are some helpful documents to post in your lab: