Segregation of Waste Chemicals

PURPOSE: To assure safe storage and segregation or waste chemicals


The proper segregation of waste chemicals is essential to promote safe storage of those chemicals as well as to facilitate the economical disposal of the chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a list of potentially incompatible wastes, waste components, and material along with the harmful consequences of mixing those materials together. This list does not include every possible hazardous chemical reaction, but should be used as a guide in packaging and storing these materials. The Group A and B incompatible chemicals list indicates the potential consequences of the mixing of a Group A material with a Group B material. These compatibility listings should not be the only information used when packaging or accumulating waste chemicals. Pay close attention to any waste characterization data you receive on material reactivity and compatibility. Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) provide recommendations on the conditions for safe storage of any chemical, including any incompatibilities, under Section 7: Handling and Storage.