Training and Brochures

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Training resources for working with diverse groups.


  • LGBTQ Health in the Primary Care Setting
  • Preparing the Future Training
  • Sexuality and Structural Oppression in Key Populations
  • Kognito Inclusion Courses - Kognito courses are now available in UMB’s Learning Management System, the Learning Hub. After logging into the system, perform a search for "Kognito Inclusion Courses" to access the training.
  • Leveraging Diversity in the Workplace Learning Path
  • In an effort to strengthen our understandings of inclusion, equity, justice, and inclusive excellence, ISLSI offers training to all UMB students, faculty, staff, and community members. Currently, we offer training related to LGBT+ 101; Safe Space; Gender Neutral Pronouns; Understanding Gender Non-conformance; LGBT+ America; Avoiding Microaggressions at Work and School; Introduction to Culture; Personality Type; Service & Communication Tools; and the Poverty Simulation. Additionally, ISLSI can offer group dialogue sessions in response to traumatic political and/or current events. To inquire about our current offerings or to suggest possible training, please email