Student International Travel Request Process

International travel for students is allowed and will be evaluated based on the location of the travel and the student’s demonstration of the risks of travel to that particular location (based on U.S. State Department advisories) and travel generally. To help faculty advisors, Deans, and the Provost make their decision about approving travel, they will evaluate the student’s completed UMB Student International Travel Form which gives information about the destination and the student’s understanding and acknowledgment of the risks of travel at this time.

Faculty-led student programs are allowed starting in Summer 2022. Faculty planning a student program outside the U.S. must work with the Center for Global Engagement to plan and seek approval for Summer 2022 faculty-led student programs.

Need help planning international travel? Here's a useful International Travel Checklist.

What travel is covered by the guidelines?

  • These guidelines cover UMB-related international travel, which is travel related to international rotations, courses, externships, and research fieldwork for credit or not for credit.

  • Personal travel is not covered by this guidance. Please follow CDC guidelines for international travel.

Guidelines for UMB-related student international travel

  • Travel is evaluated in part based on U.S. Department of State’s travel advisories for destination and transit countries. Travel to destinations that are at Levels 1-2 require faculty advisor and Dean’s approval. Travel to destinations at Levels 3-4 require Dean’s approval in consultation with the Provost. Current travel advisories are here.

  • Travel must be booked using one of the three UMB-approved travel agencies.

  • Travel must be approved in the UMB online travel request system BEFORE travel. 

  • Any UMB student traveler who does not follow these procedures may be denied reimbursement by UMB.


To start the process, access the UMB International Travel Request Form for Students (updated Feb. 15, 2022) that is available using DocuSign. Complete instructions are included in the form itself, and as each part of the process is completed and signed or initialed, it moves to the next required section automatically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The form and process is an addition to the existing UMB online travel request process and is now a part of that processrequired for all UMB-related international travel.


Steps to Complete UMB International Travel Request Form

  • Work with your faculty advisor and department travel administrator from the beginning of this process.

  • Download and review the .pdf of the Student International Travel Request Form to prepare the required information before beginning the electronic form.

  • Complete all items of the UMB Student International Travel Request Form BEFORE uploading and attaching it to the legacy UMB online travel request form. If you are not familiar with the UMB online travel request form, ask your school’s travel administrator.

  • Once the Dean and Provost sign the UMB Student International Travel Request form, it will be automatically routed back to each of the signatories, including the traveler, with the attachments. The Risk Acknowledgement is part of the UMB Travel Request Form.

  • Save a copy of the signed document with the attachments for attachment to the UMB electronic travel request system, as is the usual process.

  • Upload the completed, signed Student International Travel form, with signed Risk Acknowledgement form and draft itinerary, to the online UMB travel request form within the UMB travel request and reimbursement system BEFORE booking travel (this is required before the travel agency is able to issue airline tickets). For help with this UMB system, you can talk to your school’s travel administrator.

How do I access the Student International Travel Request Form?

Click on this link, enter your UMID and password, then scroll down to the Center for Global Engagement to find the form.

Who can access the form?

Anyone with a UMB login may access and initiate the form. Ideally, a travel administrator begins the form. The routing of the form may be to anyone – in or out of the UMB system (i.e. the witness for the Risk Acknowledgement form).

Who should initiate the form?

Ideally, a UMB travel administrator will initiate the electronic form and enter the details required to route the form to the appropriate people. Upon opening the form, the first page requires the names and emails of everyone in the line of approval (traveler, faculty advisor, then Dean or their designee, Provost when required).

How do I find more information about this new form and process?

First, explore the international travel webpage and the form. If you have a question that is not answered there, reach out to Bonnie Bissonette.