2014 Zambia

Zambia 2014 GHIC project Mary Bolgiano Clement Adebamowo

Evaluation of barriers to cervical cancer screening in Zambia

Summer 2014

Led by Clement Adebamowo, BM, ChB, ScD, FWACS, FACS, School of Medicine

Student (school affiliation): Mary Bolgiano (medicine)

NOTE: This project was proposed to take place in Nigeria with long-time UMB collaborators and an interprofessional group of students. However, concerns about travel to Nigeria shifted this project to Zambia with one student willing to continue her participation.

Project Summary

This was a qualitative study of the barriers to cervical cancer screening in Lusaka, Zambia. They visited several sites in Lusaka where cervical cancer screening programs were being implemented. The flow of clients through the clinic was analyzed and used the Essential of Magnetism (EOM) tool which measures eight characteristics of a productive and satisfying work environment that are essential to delivering quality patient care.