Zambia Project

Students in medical jackets outside building in Zambia


CGE has supported a number of student and faculty projects in Zambia that are possible due to IHV’s long-time educational partnership with the Zambia Ministry of Health, the University Teaching Hospital, and the University of Zambia to train Zambian physicians in advanced HIV medicine and infectious diseases.

In 2008, UNZA, UTH, and Ciheb partnered to create a one-year postgraduate diploma in HIV medicine. The consortium then extended this to an 18-month Master of Science in HIV medicine. In 2015, UMB faculty began an elective in Global Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, with trainees coming from Baltimore to Lusaka for a one-month clinical experience. As of 2020, over 60 trainees have come to Zambia to participate in this rotation. In 2019, via special funding from the UMB President’s Global Impact Fund, Ciheb also started sending the first Zambian trainees to Baltimore for clinical experiences at UMMC.

Past Zambia Projects