Thailand Project

Interprofessional Education in Home-care Patient Visits; Moving Beyond the Classroom

Lead by Drs. Erin VanMeter, Pharm, BCACP; J. Edward Moreton, Ph.D.; Heather Congdon, PharmD, CDE

Student grantees: Jessie Lawson (SON), Meilin Lim (SOM), Betlihem Semma (SOP), and Wendy Zhang (SON)


Project Summary

The primary goal of this interprofessional global project was to learn the process involved in developing and sustaining IPE home care-visits.  This goal was achieved through meeting with the IPE board of directors, which is comprised of the Deans from each profession involved in the IPE course, and completing the IPE for Humanized Patient Home Care. From this meeting with the IPE board of directors it came to light that the sustainability of the course was linked to several key items first embedding of the course in the curriculum. This is an essential step as it protects time for faculty members to participate in IPE. The other is that this course directly addresses care gaps in the healthcare system. Primary Care Units in Thailand are required to conduct home-care visits; however, due to the shortage of physicians this places a heavy burden on the healthcare system. Sustainability is often the area in which most IPE courses in the USA struggle. This project has highlighted the need to address and secure sustainability of the IPE course in the early stages of development.