2019 Rwanda

The Rwanda Healthcare System from Top to Bottom

Lead by David Riedel, MD, PhD

Student grantees: Andryse Leukeu (SOL) and Fridah Twara (SOP)


Project Summary

This project was designed around an interprofessional experience where we examined the various aspects of the Rwandan healthcare system. We spent time learning about the various policies in place and how they were structured within the legal framework of the country and how some of these policies and laws differed from those that we are accustomed to in the US. We also developed an understanding of the role that pharmacists play in the healthcare system and how many of the roles traditionally performed by pharmacists in the US are really handled by nurses and other staff in Rwanda. We compared and contrasted the differences in the drug supply chain between the two countries. Overall, we learned how the healthcare work environment in Rwanda involves professionals from all fields collaborating to improve the health-related outcomes of all patients. Students had a significant opportunity to meet with these other professionals at the various sites to discuss similarities and differences in practice across disciplines.