2014 Rwanda


Interprofessional student needs survey development in Rwanda

Summer 2014

Led by Marik Moen, MPH, MSN, RN, School of Nursing; Marie Johnson, DDS, School of Dentistry; Kathryn Schaivone, MPA, BS, School of Nursing

Students (school affiliation): Amy Greensfelder (social work) and Michael Klausner (dentistry)

Project and Interprofessional Outcomes

The goal of this project was to assist administrators at the University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences (URCMHS) in assessing the needs of their students and how to target their fundraising efforts to address these needs.

UMB students traveled to four URCMHS campuses and conducted focus groups with students who represented different health disciplines. The results revealed student concerns and needs around the following topics: cost of and financing their education, housing, academics, and technology. Together with URCMHS student leadership, the UMB team helped to develop questions for a more detailed needs assessment survey that would be administered to the larger URCMHS student body in the coming academic year to validate these emerging priorities and to capture student experiences.

UMB students recognized the advantages and disadvantages in practice and educational settings. They gained skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods by hosting focus groups and developing survey questions. Information from this project will contribute to the next steps towards improving the quality of a student's experience at the University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences. Faculty and students will have the opportunity to collaborate with Rwandan counterparts in publishing their project outcomes. This project has initiated a collaboration between the dental students in Rwanda and Baltimore.

Rwanda 2014 team presentation

Rwanda 2014 social work student presentation