Philippines Project

Philippines: An interprofessional program focused on global health and social services

Summer 2014

Led by Kelley Macmillan, PhD, MSW, School of Social Work

Students (school affiliation): Juanita Banks (social work), Emma Branzell (nursing), Raine Cunningham (social work), Shanelle Geddis (social work), Anne Maria Giampietro (nursing), Blerta Hamza (nursing), Megan Harvey (social work), Jennifer James (social work), Kathryn Kucharski (social work), Jaclyn Machometa (social work), Grace Moore (social work), Alexandra Nestadt (social work), Portia Rouse (social work), Ashley Sauers (social work)

Project and Interprofessional Outcomes

Students from the Schools of Social Work and Nursing learned from each other and about each other in relation to their professional roles and interests. Students experienced dissonance in relation to how social and health problems are addressed in the Philippines compared to the United States. Students developed a deep appreciation for the commitment and dedication of professionals in the Philippines.