2019 Nigeria

Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Primary Care for Adolescents Living with HIV in Nigeria aka Adolescent Reproductive Health in Nigeria (ADORN) Study

Lead by Nadia Sam-Agudu, MD

Student grantees: Yasmin Lachir (SOM), Precious Ohagwu (SOP), Imani Wright (SSW) and Ashling Zhang (SOM)

Project Summary

This project conducted an audit of health systems serving adolescents, for the purpose of evaluating how healthcare facilities are currently managing ALHIV enrolled in their care, and in the absence of specific national guidelines, recommended appropriate State and facility level interventions that can help improve the quality of HIV treatment services offered ALHIV. We focused on contributing to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Good Health and Well-being for All) and 5 (Gender Equality)This project and the ADORN study related to it was developed as a public health/implementation research learning opportunity in a mixed-methods approach. That means it focuses on both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (focus group discussion) data collection and analysis strategies.  The topic is the prevention and treatment of sexual and reproductive health conditions among adolescents, particularly those living with HIV.