2012 Malawi

  • Dasha Smith and children in Malawi

    Dasha Smith and children in Malawi

Maternal morbidity and mortality in Chikhwawa district, Malawi: An interprofessional assessment

Led by Emilie Calvello, MD, MPH, School of Medicine; Peter Danchin, LLM, JSD, Carey School of Law; Miriam Laufer, MD, School of Medicine; Jody Olsen, PhD, MSW, School of Social Work; Mary Regan, PhD, RN, School of Nursing; Virginia Rowthorn, JD, LLM, Carey School of Law; and Barbara Smith, PhD, RN, FACSM, FAAN, School of Nursing.

Students (school affiliation): Zachary Schonfield (dentistry), Norman Wang (dentistry), Ashley LaRiccia (law), Jonathan Nagel (law), Sarah Britz (medicine), Kristin Lohr (medicine), Vera Kuffour-Manu (nursing), Dorothy Njathi (nursing), Maria Maunz (pharmacy), Monet Stanford (pharmacy), Katherine Januario (social work), Dasha Smith (social work).

Two teams of students worked together to evaluate health care utilization around maternal health services in the Chikhwawa district. The WHO Safe Motherhood Needs Assessment tool was used to conduct interviews with and collect data from the district health centers. The goal of the project was to identify gaps in care and the challenges faced by the local health care system to reduce maternal mortality. A collaboration with Malawi's Chancellor College of Law also was initiated during this project year.

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