2016 Israel

Haifa 2016 Group Picture

Interprofessional global student project: How can we promote social justice through community-university partnerships?

January 2016

Led by Corey Shdaimah, LLM, PhD, School of Social Work; Susan Leviton, JD, School of Law; Jane Lipscomb, PhD, RN, FAAN, School of Nursing

Students (school affiliation): Deborah Adams (law), Lara Drazin (social work), Amy Hewet (social work), Michael Jacko (law), Hyo Kim (social work), Carol Ross (social work)

Project goal

The overall goal of this project was to compare and contrast community-university partnerships in divided cities of Haifa, Israel and Baltimore, Maryland. Both universities face similar challenges around issues of equity and fairness including poverty; racial, ethnic, or religious tensions; and/or the equitable distribution of burdens and benefits whether these be environmental, economic, or educational.

Project description

Eight UMB students from the Schools of Social Work, Law, and Nursing worked along side UMB faculty and their collaborators at Haifa University. This project addressed theoretical and practical implications of the concept of social justice and its relationship with health and health equity from a global and interdisciplinary perspective. Students from both universities engaged in current theoretical discussions and were exposed to social justice-based research methodologies, specifically looking at the social, legal, and political dimensions at the local and the global levels. In addition, students took part in experiential methodological workshops and participated in three study tours in different cities in which they met with advocacy organization leaders and community project directors.