2015 Hong Kong

Communication of end-of-life issues: An interprofessional approach

Summer 2015

Led by Mei Ching Lee, PhD, MS, RN, School of Nursing

Students (school affiliation): Eric Leikus (nursing), Kwan Ngai (dentistry), Brittany Touchon (social work), and Tiffany Yu (medicine)

Project goal:

The overall goal of this project was to identify an effective communication method to engage Chinese Americans in the discussion of end-of-life issues.

Project description:

The project was developed in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Cheshire Home (an extended care hospital), and University of Maryland Baltimore. Students from four of UMB's professional schools traveled to Hong Kong where they had the opportunity to visit Chinese hospitals, nursing homes, and residential homes. The students met with researchers and multidisciplinary palliative care teams and participated in an explorative qualitative research study. The students have continued their work since their return to UMB, conducting data analysis using transcribed audio recordings and preparing a publishable manuscript.

Student quotes:

"The interprofessional global health grant provided an incredible opportunity to be immersed in Hong Kong culture and to see first-hand how end-of-life care is provided there. The experience allowed for a more well-rounded understanding of our own fields of study as well as those of our interdisciplinary team." - Eric Leikus, School of Nursing

"This Hong Kong trip was a great experience. I got to know the other students very well and learned about their scope of work and education requirements. I also learned a lot from the Hong Kong nurses and health providers from different hospitals and how comprehensive their palliative services are. I was especially touched by stories told by families of a patient and how good nursing care can really change someone's life." - Kwan Ngai, School of Dentistry