Guinea Project

People standing in front of a pickup truck.

Investigation and Participating Environmental and Social Impact Assessment on Bauxite Mine and Refinery in Boke, Guinea

Lead by Professor Seema Kakade; Lecturer JingJing Zhang; Lori Edwards, DrPH, BSN, RN, CNS-PCH, BC

Student grantees: Sisi Liu (SOL), Stephanie Malchine (SOL), Salma Sharaf (SOM/MPH), Abigail Trumpy (SOL)

Project Summary

This project is part of an overall existing two-year project at the law school called the Transnational Environmental Accountability (TEA) Project, aimed at studying and acting upon the legal implications of the Chinese government’s policy to exploit natural resources in developing countries for the benefit of the Chinese economy.  JingJing Zhang has been working with Human Rights Watch on issues like the mine in Guinea, for several years. JingJing Zhang has also established strong connections with local non-governmental organizations in Guinea, including ASMP( Association Mines Sans Pauvreté).  The Chinese company, SMB, owns and operates the mine. The Guinea project worked with ASMP and other three local NGOs in Guinea to provide citizen science tool kits for NGOs and communities to document SMB’s environmental performance and adverse impact on approximately 100 villages around its mining sites.