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Global Health student summer program in Malawi: A new model for interprofessional training and sustainability
In 2010, the Center for Global Education Initiatives developed an annual interprofessional student summer program in Malawi that was sponsored by the University of Maryland, Baltimore's Global Health Interprofessional Council and led by Dr. Miriam Laufer (SOM), Virginia Rowthorn (CGEI), and Dr. Jody Olsen (formerly SSW) from 2010 to 2013. Students were chosen from each professional school to participate in this unique six-week experience, which not only cultivated closer collaboration among the students and faculty but also built and strengthened linnks with Malawian organizations. The descriptions are below. This innovative project has led to UMB faculty scholarship on interprofessional global health and to ongoing collaborations particularly with the University of Malawi School of Law and the Kachere Rehabilitation Centre in Blantyre, Malawi.
2013: From multidisciplinary to transdisciplinary collaboration in global health

‌‌‌Two main objectives were pursued: (1) to foster an ongoing relationship between the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and the University of Malawi Chancellor College of Law with a focus on their respective HIV law clinics, and (2) to engage community members of a rural village in Mfera, located in the Chikhwawa District, to participate in activities of the Participatory Analysis for Community framework (community mapping, creating seasonal and health calendars, and doing a needs assessment). The interprofessional faculty team included Miriam Laufer (medicine), Diane Hoffman (law), Jody Olsen (social work), and Judy Porter (dentistry).

Students (school affiliation): Mirna Chicas (nursing), Samantha DuFlo (medicine), Brandon Fleming (pharmacy), Tam Lynne Kelley (social work), Peter Krumbhaar (dentistry), Shamarla Rasheda McCoy (law), Sheila Razdan (medicine).

Malawi 2013 final report

2012: Maternal morbidity and mortality in Chikhwawa district, Malawi: An interprofessional assessment

Two teams of students worked together to evaluate health care utilization around maternal health services in the Chikhwawa district. The WHO Safe Motherhood Needs Assessment tool was used to conduct interviews with and collect data from the district health centers. The goal of the project was to identify gaps in care and the challenges faced by the local health care system to reduce maternal mortality. A collaboration with Malawi's Chancellor College of Law also was initiated during this project year. The interprofessional faculty team included Miriam Laufer (medicine), Emilie Calvello (medicine), Jody Olsen (social work), Mary Regan (nursing), Barbara Smith (nursing), Peter Danchin (law), and Virginia Rowthorn (law).

Students (school affiliation): Zachary Schonfield (dentistry), Norman Wang (dentistry), Ashley LaRiccia (law), Jonathan Nagel (law), Sarah Britz (medicine), Kristin Lohr (medicine), Vera Kuffour-Manu (nursing), Dorothy Njathi (nursing), Maria Maunz (pharmacy), Monet Stanford (pharmacy), Katherine Januario (social work), Dasha Smith (social work).

Read here about the collaboration with Chancellor College. Malawi 2012 group presentation.

2011: Interdisciplinary global health project: Chikhwawa district, Malawi‌

Students carried out an interdisciplinary assessment of health utilization behavior for malaria illnesses. This was part of a larger study to conduct surveillance of the burden of malaria disease in several different regions of Malawi. The interprofessional faculty team was led by Miriam Laufer (medicine) and included Diane Hoffman (law), Jody Olsen (social work), and Judy Porter (dentistry).

Students (school affiliation): Jane Hannon (nursing), Angie Larenas (social work), Jason Hodge (pharmacy), Elizabeth Duke (medicine), Lucy Mac Gabhann (law), Shabnam Mazhari (dentistry).

Executive summary report - Malawi 2011

2010: An interdisciplinary assessment of access to health care for orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi

Malawi interprofessional UMB student group photo, 2010. The inaugural interdisciplinary team performed a case study in the Salima district of Malawi to evaluate the health, legal and psycho-social support services provided to orphans and vulnerable children in a rural community and to assess their access to these services on an individual level. The interprofessional faculty team was led by Miriam Laufer (medicine) and included Virginia Rowthorn (law), Jody Olsen (social work), and Judy Porter (dentistry).

Students (school affiliation): Robert Selke (medicine), Ajoke Agboola (law), Rachel Jacobs (social work), Caroline Orwenyo (nursing), Alicia Chen (pharmacy), Maria Eng (pharmacy).

Malawi 2010 group presentation




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