2014 Kenya

Community-based perceptions of out-of-hospital emergency care needs in Kenya

Summer 2014

Led by Emilie Calvello, MD, MPH, School of Medicine

Students (school affliliation): Mary Li (pharmacy), Alexander Skog (medicine)‌

Project and Interprofessional Outcomes:

Kenya faces an increasing burden of emergent diseases, with a high incidence of communicable diseases and steadily increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases, acute mental illness, and traumatic injuries. However, the country does not have an integrated emergency care system that provides access to high-quality emergency services, especially at the community level. The aim of this project was to ascertain community-based perceptions of emergency care in eight provinces of Kenya. The questions of particular interest involve the recognition of emergency conditions, barriers that communities face when trying to access emergency care, and recommendations from the community for local solutions to the paucity of emergency care.

Kenya 2014 team presentation

Report to the Kenyan Ministry of Health

Read the article that resulted from this project.

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