Emily Koech, MPH, MMed

Emily Koech PortraitEmily Koech, MPH, MMed, has 14 years of experience implementing public health programs, particularly HIV programs, from clinical patient care, implementation, and monitoring of donor-funded, large-scale HIV programs to the development of policies and guidelines on HIV management at the national level.

She currently is the country director of the University of Maryland, Baltimore program in Kenya, where she provides strategic leadership in the design, implementation, and evaluation of high-quality projects and ensures that they are implemented toward the desired goals and in line with national and international best practices. She also has been the deputy country director and program director for PACT (Partnership for Advanced Care and Treatment) Endeleza, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded program supporting 48 facilities providing HIV services in a complex urban population in Nairobi County. Her roles have included guiding the planning and implementation of UMB strategies; monitoring the program’s progress toward desired quality, goals and targets; supervising multidisciplinary teams of technical experts; managing sub-grantees; and providing regular updates to the donor.