Cassidy Claassen, MD, MPH

Cassidy Claassen PortraitCassidy Claassen, MD, MPH, is an infectious disease and public health physician who has been working in Zambia since 2015.

Claassen serves as principal investigator for the CIRKUITS (Community Impact to Reach Key and Underserved Individuals for Treatment and Support) project, which utilizes a community health approach to close gaps in HIV epidemic control in Zambia. Claassen also serves as technical director, overseeing implementation evaluations for the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) program in Zambia and leading development of health policy for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). Claassen also is engaged in clinical care at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), where he sees patients and teaches master’s of medicine registrars. UTH is conducting several studies on antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic utilization. It also conducts a global health exchange in which UMB trainees work at UTH and Zambian trainees rotate at the University of Maryland Medical Center.