Adama Mamby Keita, MD, MSc

Adama Mamby Keita PortraitAdama Mamby Keita, MD, MSc, serves as the national influenza surveillance and response coordinator, based in the Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) Mali.

He is also the head of the CVD-Mali Epidemiology Department. Since 2004, Keita has been active at CVD-Mali as clinical leader in the execution of epidemiological surveillance studies, sero-surveys, and clinical trials. Notably, he worked for four years to characterize invasive bacterial infections in Malian children treated as inpatients, and served as a co-investigator in the vaccine trial to measure the efficacy of trivalent influenza vaccine administered to pregnant Malian women in the prevention of influenza in their infants. During the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Mali, Keita participated in case management, staff training, and data management. Currently he is working as site coordinator on a multicentric project called CHAMPS (Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance).