International Operations Initiative

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The purpose of the International Operations Initiative is to create a Global Operations Hub (one-stop-shop) to improve the quality of effective and efficient support to the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) international activities while ensuring strong risk management.  The initiative is based out of Provost and Executive Vice President Roger Ward's office with the support of UMB’s top leadership and fits within the Global Engagement objectives of the UMB Strategic Plan. 

The Center for Global Engagement and a new International Operations unit through a new Global Hub will guide, support, and build the capacity of all of UMB’s international activities by providing specialized direct services in procurement, finance, audit, ethics, HR, safety and security, and other operational areas in support of international engagements.

Here are some examples of how the Global Hub, CGE, and International Operations will help facilitate your international activity.

Are you a faculty member who has struggled with...

  • Setting up an engagement with an international partner - i.e. navigating the creation of an MOU for research collaborations?

  • Trying to pay an international organization?

  • Understanding how the laws of another country apply to your research project or intellectual property?

Are you a staff member who is having difficulty...

  • Trying to purchase something in another country?

  • Trying to pay someone in another country?

  • Navigating visa and vaccination requirements?

Have you wondered...

  • What to do if there is political instability in a country you’re doing research in?

  • What the evacuation plan is if another COVID outbreak develops in the country you’re in?

The Global Hub will be here to help!

Core Team Members

Day-to-day work on the project

  • Herty Cortez Diaz, Interim Executive Director of International Affiliate Support, Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation – Project Leader

  • Virginia Rowthorn, Assistant Vice President and Director, Center for Global Engagement – Project Leader

  • Paige Baum, Senior International Program Specialist, Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation 

  • Andrea Coles, Assistant Director of Finance, School of Medicine and Institute for Human Virology

  • Crystal Edwards, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Carey School of Law

  • Kate Noonan, Senior Director of Special Projects for the Dean, School of Dentistry

  • Henry Seifert, Chief Business Officer, School of Medicine and Center for Vaccine Development

  • Janet Simons, Director, Research Policy and Training/Export Officer, Sponsored Programs Administration

  • Leilani Uttenreither, Assistant to Provost & Dean, Provost’s Office

  • Jen Flinn, Consultant

  • Laura Barrantes, Consultant

  • Spee Braun, Lead Consultant

Management Review Group

Campus-wide group who review the Core Team’s proposals and recommendations, provide guidance and approve the project plan

  • Man Charurat, Professor, School of Medicine and Director of the Center for International Health, Education, and Biosecurity

  • Peter Danchin, Professor, School of Law

  • Steve Deck, Director, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Juliet Dickerson, Director of Staffing and Career Services, Human Resource Services

  • Agnes Ann Feemster, Assistant Dean, School of Pharmacy

  • Jon Kucskar, Special Assistant to the President and Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Risk Management

  • Jennifer Litchman, Senior Vice President for External Relations

  • Laurie Locascio, Vice President for Research, University of Maryland

  • Caroline Long, Director of Global Engagement, School of Social Work

  • Cindy Lyons, Assistant Vice President and University Controller

  • Peter Murray, Chief Information Officer and Vice President

  • Yolanda Ogbolu, Department Chair of Partnerships, Professional Education & Practice, School of Nursing.

  • Louisa Peartree, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Medicine

  • Mark Reynolds, Dean, School of Dentistry

  • Dawn Rhodes, Chief Business and Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

  • Virginia Rowthorn, Assistant Vice President and Director, Center for Global Engagement

  • Roger Ward, Provost and Executive Vice President, and Dean of the Graduate School

  • Alison Watkins, Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Risk and Policy Oversight

  • Dave Wilkins, Chief Operating Officer, School of Medicine and Institute for Human Virology

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  • Do you work on international activities and grants and want to share some ideas?

  • Are you frustrated by the challenges you face navigating the policies and procedures at UMB and would like to share those frustrations with someone?

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