Curricular Internationalization and GLOBALtimore Fellows Program


 Learn how to add global content to your courses! 

You will have a chance to apply for a Fellowship to Become a GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellow in Spring 2020!


The Center for Global Education Initiatives engaged the services of DR. DAWN WHITEHEAD of the American Association of Colleges & Universities.  She gave two workshops on internationalizing existing courses or developing new courses with global themes in Spring 2019 that you can watch below. 



Workshop #1:

Introductory Concepts and Examples of Curricular Globalization at the Graduate Level”

Click HERE to watch part 1 of workshop #1

Click HERE to watch part 2 of workshop #1

Workshop #2                         

“Curricular Internationalization in Practice: UMB Examples and Workshopping Ideas

Click HERE to watch workshop #2


Fellowship Opportunity – GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellowships

All UMB faculty are eligible to take their interest in curricular internationalization to the next level by applying to become a GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellow.  The program consists of workshops, support stipends, and membership in a learning community of faculty from across UMB’s professional and graduate schools to learn about global education and how to integrate global concepts into new or existing courses.  The seven selected Fellows will be awarded a stipend of $2,000. For more information, click on last year's GLOBALtimore fellow program for more of an idea of what the program entails.

The GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellows funds ($2000 per fellow) will be deposited into the fellows’ school’s revolving fund, and the faculty then work with their finance folks on distribution, according to UMB and school guidelines.   The funds CAN be used to buy faculty time, for supplies, workshop attendance, GRAs, or any other expense related to curriculum internationalization that the school finance office approves.


Applications will open in Spring 2020

Award period will be July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021