Procurement- Commercial Services

Definition of Commercial Services: Services traded on the open commercial market, where vendor terms and conditions are non-negotiable, and the sale terms do not facilitate a co-signed purchase order or purchase agreement.

Examples: Hotel Rooms, Membership Dues, Conference Fees, and Foreign Government Service Charges.

Requesting Department - read the following requirements below. Each section will provide key documents that we will need to be completed and signed to process your inquiry. Please send all documents to

Things You Need to Know?

  • The International Operations division may be able to purchase Commercial Services outside the U.S. through MGIC.
  • When conditions of purchase are non-negotiable, a “Non-PO” purchase may be made for Commercial Services rather than utilizing a co-signed PO. IO can only make payments for Commercial Services outside the U.S. through an international wire transfer. IO does not have the ability to use a credit card or other payment mechanism. A US $40 bank fee for each international wire transfer will be charged to the UMB Requesting Unit.
  • Commercial Services procured outside the U.S. are subjected to Value Added Tax (VAT) depending on the country of the service provider and will be included in the vendor’s proforma invoice or online quote if applicable.
  • IO must screen selected vendors against foreign sanctions watch lists and may not issue a PO to a vendor with a positive match.

Summary Of Requesting Unit’s Responsibilities Throughout MGIC Procurement Process:

  1. Contact the Global Hub ( to request procurement services.
  2. Providing the following documents if IO determines a Non-PO payment is possible. (If a Purchase Order is required, see the procedure for “Procurement of Goods” above):
    1. Proforma Invoice or link to vendor’s online registration/payment portal
    2. Documentation of the business purpose for which Commercial Service is required (e.g. conference registration confirmation, project description, letter of invitation, etc.)
    3. Payment Authorization Form 
    4. Payee Bank Details Verification Form (must be a bank account outside the U.S.) if the payment details are not already provided on vendor’s invoice or vendor’s website.
    5. Applicable IRS (Internal Revenue Service) taxpayer form (Foreign Source Statement, W8 or W9 – see SOP for guidance).
      1. If Contractor is not a U.S. citizen or resident alien, the contractor shall provide a completed W-8BEN Form (non - US citizen) (individuals) or Form W-8BEN-E (vendors) for services performed in the United States, or a Foreign Source Statement - MGIC (FSS) for services performed outside the United States.
      2. If the Contractor is a U.S. resident for tax purposes, the contractor shall provide a W-9 Tax Form regardless of where the services are performed.

Required and Sample Documents

Required Documents 
  1. Proforma Invoice or link to vendor’s online registration/payment portal
  2. Business purpose
  3. Payment Authorization Form
  4. Payee Bank Details Verification Form 
  5. Taxpayer form
Sample Documents 
  1. Payment Authorization Form
  2. Payee Bank Detail Verification Form