Procurement - Honoraria, Stipends, And Travel Advances For Non-Employee Foreign Nationals

Definition of Honoraria, Stipends, and Travel Advances for Non-UMB Foreign Nationals: Payments made to foreign scholars, faculty, students, and other collaborators affiliated with foreign institutions who are visiting the U.S. under sponsorship from UMB’s academic affairs and business functions.

Requesting Department - read the following requirements below. Each section will provide key documents that we will need to be completed and signed to process your inquiry. Please send all documents to

Things You Need to Know?

  • The International Operations division may use MGIC to make these payments on behalf of UMB Requesting Units via international wire transfer, when recipients cannot accept paper checks from State Treasury. A US $40 bank fee for each international wire transfer will be charged to the UMB Requesting Unit.
  • Visiting foreign nationals may be subject to U.S. income tax withholdings, depending on their tax residency and the purpose of their visit. U.S. income taxes applicable to foreign nationals are paid through MGIC and are charged to the UMB Requesting Unit at the prevailing tax rate. Requesting Units should contact IO well in advance to discuss the applicability and rate of US taxes required to be withheld, and should include this cost in project budgets. IO cannot provide US income tax advice to recipients.
  • Travel Advances to non-employees for business travel follow MGIC policies for expense reporting and documentation, and GSA per diem rates. Requesting Units should contact IO for details.
  • IO must screen all payment recipients against foreign sanctions watch lists and may not make payment to a recipient with a positive match.
  • The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) within the Office of the Provost assists Requesting Units with U.S. visa and immigration services.

Summary Of Requesting Unit’s Responsibilities Throughout MGIC Procurement Process

  1. Contact the Global Hub ( to request procurement services.
  2. Providing the following documents:
    1. Documentation of the business or educational purpose of the visit (e.g. conference registration confirmation, project description, letter of invitation, etc.)
    2. Payment Authorization Form 
    3. Payee Bank Details Verification Form (must be a bank account outside the U.S.) if the payment details are not already provided on the vendor’s invoice or the vendor’s website.
    4. For honoraria or stipends: IRS (Internal Revenue Service) 
      1. W-8BEN Form (non - US citizen) (individuals) or W8-BEN E Form for non-resident aliens. Recipients should consult their local tax advisor for assistance in completing the form correctly for their situation.
      2. For honoraria and stipends: If a foreign national is a tax resident of a country with a Tax Treaty, they may submit an IRS Form 8233 to claim tax exemption under the applicable treaty.
  3. For business, travel advances - a line-item detail budget including GSA-rate per diem calculations and other approved reimbursable business travel expenses.
  4. IO may also require a copy of the visitor’s US visa and proof of approved travel request in UMB’s travel system.

Required Document