Student of the Year - criteria


University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Student Affairs and the Student Affairs deans from each school created the criteria for assessing candidates for the Founders Week Student of the Year Award. The criteria are intended to help the awards committee apply uniform standards across schools and enable nominators to prepare competitive materials. The award committee consists of representatives from the Student Affairs deans, UMB Student Affairs/Office of the Provost, and the University Student Government Association.

Recommendation for Implementation

Individuals from the Student Affairs deans’ offices within each school will serve as the champions charged with preparing the materials for their student nominees. The champion should address the award criteria, which includes addressing the student's demonstrated leadership and impact through formal or informal roles, their academic excellence, and their advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

Specific Award Criteria for Student of the Year

1. Nomination letter from a Student Affairs dean that describes the student and their achievements in terms of the following: 

  • Demonstrated leadership and impact through formal or informal roles within the school, University, and/or community.
  • Academic excellence through research, honors, continuing education, certifications, presentations, publications, and/or participation in professional organizations.
  • Advancement of the University’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice values and priorities. 

2. Letter of recommendation from an additional individual. 

3. A copy of the student’s résumé or CV.

All Student of the Year nomination materials must be uploaded no later than Saturday, July 31. Email any questions to Meghan Bruce-Bojo at or Patty Alvarez at