Public Servant of the Year

Michelle Giglio large

Michelle G. Giglio, PhD
School of Medicine
Associate professor, Department of Medicine
Academic and outreach coordinator, Institute for Genome Sciences  
For more than 10 years, Dr. Giglio has been passionate about promoting STEM to underserved students in Baltimore. This work is done outside of her faculty responsibilities at the Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS), where she writes large federal grants and implements complex translation and analysis for IGS's active informatics ("big data") group.
Dr. Giglio believes that if younger students from underserved city neighborhoods are exposed to a variety of science projects and the expansive range of science careers, they'll find avenues to pursue their interests and follow their dreams.
In 2014, she was invited to participate in the President's Outreach Council to help shape scientific programs for visiting students. When UMB launched the CURE Scholars Program in 2015, Dr. Giglio was an early advocate, volunteering her time with the initiative, which prepares middle and high school students in West Baltimore for careers in research, STEM, and health care.
She led a two-week, genomics-centered program for CURE's first summer camp in 2016 and has hosted weeklong programs each of the past three summers. With creativity and energy, Dr. Giglio develops full days of activities, including interactive games that get the scholars excited about science. Dr. Giglio also spreads the STEM wealth, hosting students from non-CURE schools throughout the city.