To provide a clean, healthy, and safe environment for students, staff, faculty, and visitors, our staff will communicate with professionalism, utilize environmentally friendly products, and meet the University’s needs. In addition to general housekeeping services, special service requests for carpet cleaning are available. Our housekeeping services include: 

  • Cleaning of all campus buildings
  • Removal of campus trash
  • Coordination of campus recycling program

Antoine Monroe - Acting Associate Director

Ernest Bell - Assistant Director (Day Shift)

Marquitta Weems - Assistant Director (Evening Shift)

Housekeeping Managers by Building Assignment

BuildingHousekeeping ManagerPhone #Email
100 N. Greene Street Bldg. Charles Murphy 443-452-9963
300 Russell Street Bldg. Anthony Anderson 410-960-3523
Allied Health Building Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
Baltimore Grand Garage Offices Charles Murphy 443-452-9963
Biomedical Research Facility Charles Murphy 443-452-9963
Biopark Building 1 Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
Biopark Building 2 Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
Biopark Police Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
Bressler Research Building Karen Bartee - Day Shift 443-829-4717
  Steven Harvey - Evening Shift 410-456-4846
Campus Center Marlene Johnson
Community Engagement Center Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
COPS Building Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
Davidge Hall Anthony Anderson 410-960-3523
East Hall Anthony Anderson 410-960-3523
EHS Building Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
General Research Building Lakia Major 443-743-9737
George Gray Hall Anthony Anderson 410-960-3523
Health Sciences Facility I Karen Bartee - Day Shift 443-829-4717
  Steven Harvey - Evening Shift 410-456-4846 
Health Sciences Facility II Karen Bartee - Day Shift 443-829-4717
  Steven Harvey - Evening Shift 410-456-4846
Health Sciences Facility III Antoine Monroe 443-997-0034
Howard Hall Karen Bartee - Day Shift 443-829-4717
  Steven Harvey - Evening Shift  410-456-4846
HS & HS Library Anthony Anderson  410-960-3523 
IHV Building Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
Law/Social Work Building Charles Murphy 443-452-9963
Lexington Building Angela Gross 443-250-0536
Maryland Bar Center Charles Murphy 443-452-9963
MIEMSS Lakia Major 443-743-9737
MPRC Anthony Anderson 410-960-3523
MSTF Karen Bartee - Day Shift 443-829-4717
  Steven Harvey - Evening Shift 410-456-4846
National Dental Museum Anthony Anderson  410-960-3523
Pascault Row Angela Gross 443-250-0536 
Pearl Street Garage Charles Murphy 443-452-9963
Penn Street Clinics Lakia Major 443-743-9737
Pharmacy Learning Center Angela Gross 443-250-0536
Pharmacy Hall Angela Gross  443-250-0536
Pine Street Station Angela Gross  443-250-0536
Pine Street Annex Angela Gross 443-250-0536
Pratt Athletic Facility Marlene Johnson
Saratoga Building Angela Gross 443-250-0536 
School of Dentistry Vacant - Day Shift 443-615-0552  
  Theodore Rozier - Evening Shift 443-927-6974
School of Medicine Building Shaquel Williams 443-955-4365
School of Nursing Building Lakia Major 443-743-9737
School of Social Work Charles Murphy 443-452-9963