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Charged with the responsibility to build, maintain, and renew the facilities of the University of Maryland schools of medicine, dentistry, law, nursing, pharmacy, social work, the graduate school, and the auxiliary facilities that support them.

The Department of Facilities Maintenance employs 300 professional, technical, and service trades employees. Facilities Maintenance provides services to 6.2 million square feet of complex medical research and state-of-the-art clinical services and teaching space located in 68 buildings on 71 acres in downtown Baltimore.

Because dynamic technological change and the requirement to balance needs against dwindling resources have become the normal condition, it is imperative that we focus relentlessly on our purpose, align our efforts with the direction of our schools, and ensure organizational effectiveness to enable the success of our schools.

To submit a work request, email Facilities Maintenance Service Center — Work Control or call 410-706-7570.