Policies and Procedures

The following University policies, procedures, and guidelines promote occupant safety and reduce the risk of fire at UMB. 


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UMB Policy on Fire Safety

Outlines the basic elements of an effective fire safety program and defines areas of responsibility for University operating units and personnel.

UMB Policy on Emergency Egress Safety

Mitigates the safety concerns of University buildings to ensure safe egress and minimize hazards to firefighters. 

UMB Non-Smoking Policy

Prevents adverse health effects; protects and enhances outdoor and indoor air quality; prevents smoking-related fires. 


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Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Provides directions for how to respond to fire alarm activations and emergency building evacuations.

Hot Work Procedures

Prevents injury, loss of life, and loss of property from fire or explosion as a result of hot work at UMB. Fill out a Hot Work Permit

Fire Watch Procedures

Assigns a person(s) to an area for the express purpose of protecting the public from fire and life-safety dangers.