Policies and Procedures

In order to promote occupant safety and reduce the risk of fire, the following university-wide policies and procedures are in place at UMB.


Administration Policy VI-18.00(A) - UMB Policy on Fire Safety

PURPOSE: The University of Maryland Baltimore is committed to preventing injuries, loss of life, property damage and interruptions to University operations due to fires. This policy outlines the basic elements of an effective fire safety program and defines areas of responsibility for University operating units and personnel.


Administration Policy VI-17.12(A) - UMB Policy on Emergency Egress Safety

PURPOSE: Provide a clear means of egress for students, faculty, and staff to safely exit campus buildings in case of fire or other emergency. Minimize the hazards to firefighters when doing search and rescue or trying to reach and extinguish fires within University buildings.


Public Safety Policy XI-1.00(A) - UMB Non-Smoking Policy

PURPOSE: Consistent with applicable State and local laws and regulations regarding smoking, and in keeping with its health and human services mission, the University of Maryland, Baltimore, the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), the BioPark, University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc., the professional associations of the Medical Service Plan, the professional associations of the Faculty Dental Service Plan, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Entities) seek to prevent adverse health effects and adopt this policy regulating smoking. This non-smoking policy is intended to protect and enhance outdoor and indoor air quality in and around the Entities. Nonsmoking individuals are discouraged from starting to smoke. Smokers are encouraged to stop smoking.


Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

PURPOSE: To provide directions for how to respond to fire alarm activations and emergency building evacuations.


Hot Work Procedures

PURPOSE: To prevent injury, loss of life, and loss of property from fire or explosion as a result of hot work at UMB.


Fire Watch Procedures

PURPOSE: To establish and document the procedures to assign a person or persons to an area for the express purpose of protecting the public from fire and life-safety dangers, which is known as a “fire watch.”