Payroll Presentations

Presentation DateMain Topics
10/23/2019 Overpayment Procedure change effective 11/01/19 - see slide 72
  How to avoid overpayments
  Overpayment Policy and Procedure review
  Upcoming calendar year-end deadlines
  Running queries
10/04/2019  HRMS changes due to Quantum Financials implementation
  Employee Addresses
  Introduction to eUMB Training
  Costing & Compliance Updates
5/30/2019 CA Rollover FY20
2/27/2019 HR - ePAF Processing for COLA, SPS Timeline, Parental Leave Policy and FMLA
  SPAC- Costing & Compliance - FY20 Planning Fringe Benefit Rates and Quantum Go Live Extension and how it will affect Effort reporting
  FS-Payroll - Admin Leave Reporting, Payroll Adjustment Forms, Overpayment, Job Effective Date and Form W2 
10/17/2018 HR - 2019 COLA and Bonus, C1 Contracts, Onboarding Intake Email, Supplemental Leave, HRSC Processing schedule and reminders

Costing and Compliance - Personnel update, Discrepancies in Fringe Enc Bal, FY18-27 DR and 19-01 EFPs, Posting of DR credits for PP18-27 PCA balances, Finalized Fringe Benefits, F&A Rate Negotiation- Extension Approved, Delinquent Effort Forms and Quantum Implementation, Effort Training for 2019

  FS-Payroll - Glacier Renewal Process, New Moving Policy, Access to run AR Aging Report, Overpayment Net Payback Due Date, Addresses listed in eUMB, Due dates for HR and Costing removed from Payroll Calendar, MW507M Part II, Salary Pay Calculation and Earnings Distributions
6/26/2018 HR-Automatic Termination, FSPR-Outstanding/Delinquent ETS and Supplemental Pays
 5/30/2018 CA Rollover FY19
4/18/2018 HRS- SPS, Automatic Terminations and UMB Email address, Electronic I-9, Healthy Working Families Act

Costing- 2018 Salary Cap

  Payroll- Travel Policy- payroll reports, HRMS Combo Code, Admin Leave, ETS Reporting Error, 2018 W4, Compensation Overpayment, Final Payout, Comp Time
9/20/2017 HRSC Processing schedule
  ePAF Processing
  Revised I-9 Form
  New Feature in eUMB "Reports To"
  ePafs with Deliverable Pay
  Penny Balances on PCA and Prior FY payroll balances
  Finalized Fringe
  Legislative Audit Finding and Payroll reports
  W4 and Direct Deposit forms and other payroll topics
  Quantum Update 

CA Rollover FY18


HR - Regular NEX Automatic Probation Increase, HRSC Reminders, New Onboarding Registration Page, Educational Credentials


FSPR - Legislative Audit Payroll Finding, Work Location, Editable W4 Form, Leave, Administrative Leave Reporting


HR - FLSA Processing, FMLA, Onboarding, FLSA Changes

  FSPR – OLA Report, Payroll Reports, Compensation Overpayments, Payroll Year End Processing, Year End Leave Rollover, Comp Time, CII Leave, Day of Service, Outstanding ETS, New Hires Form W4 and Direct Deposit Form, Administrative Leave, Foreign National Glacier
6/23/2016 ETS Notifications
  Payroll Processing Emails
  Leave Accrual Report Change
  FY17 Merit Processing
  FLSA Overview and Timeline
6/2/2016 CA Rollover FY17
  Other New Fiscal Year Activities
  FY17 Merit Critical Dates
3/3/2016 Introduce New Compensation Overpayment & Recovery Policy and Procedures
12/16/2015 HR Onboarding- Foreign National
  New and Revised features in eUMB
  Gross Pay Validation 
  Leave Payout reminders
  Payroll Hodgepodge
  Calendar Year End Processing
10/14/2015 Preparing for Faculty ETS
  Exempt Employees ETS Debrief
  Policy and Procedures Update
  Payroll Hodgepodge
8/20/2015 Current Pay Period Unpaid Leave
  Exempt/Faculty ETS
  Payroll Hodgepodge
CA Rollover FY16
  Other Payroll Topics
  HR Onboarding Updates
  HR ePAF/Leap Year Processing
  HR Visa Renewal Process
4/9/2015 HR Onboarding Updates and Reminders
  HR Electronic I-9
  Payroll 10 Reminders (W4 Forms, Workflow Emails, Dual Employment, Concurrent Employment)
  Paper Paychecks, ETS Approval, New ETS Queries, Negative Leave, Comp Time, Overpayment, EFP Deletion
  10ths or 14ths
12/12/2014 COLA Effective 1/1/15
  HR Contractual Employees Changes
  HR Employment Actions and Processing Updates
  HR ePAF Processing
  ETS/ETS Approver Update
  Training Database Demo
10/29/2014 Changes To T&L Processing
  Review Of Payroll Processing
10/7/2014 HR Open Enrollment
  HR Onboarding Updates
  SPAC Direct Retros for the Fiscal Year-End Crossover
  Changes To T&L Processing
  Roles and Security
  NRA Renewal
  W4 Forms
  Misc T&L Issues (New TRCs/Reason Code, Schedules)
  Tax Periods and Combo Code on PAF, Payroll Transaction Authority, NRA Processing, Leave Processing, Paper Paychecks Mailing
6/18/2014 FY15 Merit
  Introduction to HRMS class in now online
  UMB Employee Funding Profile Renamed to UMB EFP In Workflow
  Termed Employees can be updated on ETS Statistics Page
6/12/2014 CA Rollover FY15
  Introduction to HRMS HRMS class 
  Actuals Distribution and Encumbrances Run *New Schedule*
  F&A Processing
  Paper Paychecks Direct Mailing
  Improve System Performance
4/1/2014 Merit Effective 4/1/14
3/6/2014 C1 Hiring Process Change
  Action/Action Reason Change
  HRMS to HCM Upgrade Update
  Payroll Reminders Before HCM Upgrade
  General Reminders (Change Schedule, W4 Review, Missing email addresses, Timesheet/Payroll Audits)
12/4/2013 COLA Effective 1/1/14
10/16/2013 Glacier Processing
  Compensation Overpayments to Employees
  Changes to Contingent II Leave
  Contingent II Onboarding and  Healthcare Benefits Processing
6/12/2013 CA Rollover FY14
12/6/2012 COLA Effective 12/31/12
  Budget Retro/Direct Retro
  Retro Pays Enhancement
  Year End Processing
7/11/2012 TALX - The Work Number
  Process Terminations
  Process Leave adjustments and payout
  Dual Employment
6/12/2012 CA Rollover FY13
  New Fringe Allocation
11/18/2011 ETS for Students and Contingent 1 Employees
6/9/2011 CA Rollover FY12
3/4/2011 ETS for Non-exempt Employees
12/8/2010 Review Processing Dates for CY End 2010
  Exempt ETS Enhancement
  Non-exempt Employees Updates
10/8/2010 ETS Enhancements
6/10/2010 CA Rollover FY11
6/10/2009 CA Rollover FY10
6/4/2009 I-9 Training
  Common Errors on W-4 Form
  Student Employees working in Summer Months- Student FICA Process
  Glacier Processing
  Open Enrollment and New Payroll Rep Benefits Page
  FY2010 Salary Guidelines
  No Faculty FYC Process in FY2010
10/7/2008 Online Payroll Rep Training - Health Care 101, Retirement Plans 101
  Security Role and T&L Change 
  Compensation Forms
  Affiliate Process
  Background Investigation
9/9/2008 - 9/10/2008 Glacier Online Tax System Instructions And Demo
  Role Security and T&L Rules
  Security Role Training Guide
6/4/2008 CA Rollover FY09
2/15/2008 New T&L Procedures
  Account Coes Vs Account; EFP Inquire Page
  New User Procedures (Access and Training)
  T&L Archiving
  Payroll Adjustment Form Service Dates
6/6/2007 CA Rollover FY08
4/27/2006 SPC Training; Security Access, Inquiry Views, Data in SPC, Posted Vs Affected PP; and Demo
Feb-06 Using the Chart of Account in Commitment Accounting
Dec-05 eUMB Financials and HRMS Working Together
9/21/2005 Typical Errors on W4 Form
  New Forms
  UMB Leave Inquiry Step-by-Step Guide
6/15/2005 CA Rollover FY06
2/22-2/24/2005 HRMS Commitment Accounting Update
  Encumbrance Functionality
  New EFP Setup Page and Retro Pay Processing Changes
  CA Processing/Reporting Changes
  Downloadable PCD
12/9/2004 Year End T&L and Leave Processing
10/8/2004 Payroll Adjustment Forms and Payroll Reports
  Distribution and Redistribution of Payroll Expenses
  Direct Retro Rules and Processing