Financial Services FAQs


Can you explain what RAVEN is in 12 words or less?

It is roughly the eUMB Financials equivalent to FAS on the Web.    

Can the viewing of accounts be restricted in Raven? We would like to permit viewing of only certain accounts. For instance, a principal investigator (PI) can only see his or her grants. Is this possible?

First of all, it's never too soon to begin to get used to the new terminology. In eUMB Financials, what you currently call an account is a chartstring, or, more specifically, a project. Raven allows access by department or project. The advantage of eUMB Financials over FAS is that while you currently have just one department, in Financials, you may have many departments, based on your budget structure and/or business processes. So, you will be able to restrict access to only certain projects, but still be able to allow a lot of your folks department-level access. The advantage of department access is that as new projects are added, an employee's access profile is automatically updated, while with only project access, a new request must be made each time a new project is set up. To allow a PI to see only their grants, give them project-level access to only their projects. If they have many projects, attach a sheet to the form, listing all of their projects.              

If I have someone who needs access to their entire department, PLUS another couple of project IDs, would I need to fill out the form in all project ID format?

No. Put the roll-up node of the department on the department line, then put all the projects that are NOT in the specified department on the project line.    

Will I be able to see payroll information with RAVEN access?

No. The only way to see payroll information is to have eUMB Role access. For instance, there is a role that is called RAVEN — Statement of Payroll Charges. This will allow you to see the SPC but will not allow you to see any other transaction unless you also have RAVEN access.    

Can I give someone access to reallocate Pro Card charges and view and print Pro Card reports without allowing them RAVEN access?

Yes. This is done through eUMB Role access. There is a role called RAVEN Pro Card that will do exactly what you've asked without allowing them to see any other charges for a project.

Is project-level access in eUMB Financials the same as account-level access in FAS?

Yes. For FAS accounts that are active prior to 3/1/06, the project number is the same as the FAS number, except that the second digit is a -0- instead of a -2-.  From 3/1/06 forward, the project number will be system assigned as the next number in order.    

What is the difference between the information that is available with Pro Card roles and the information that would be available to someone that has only Raven Pro Card access?

Pro Card viewers and reallocators will be able to see only the transactions for the current period. Raven Pro Card folks will be able to see the historical data related to their cards.