How to Assist Students with Mental Health Issues

Assisting Students in Distress Brochure for Printing

Remote Mentoring

Resources for Mentors

Leading a Successful Virtual Research Meeting or Event

This session discussed how to effectively lead a virtual weekly research meeting or a large group event including 1) best practices for a virtual research meeting or event, 2) how to use the features of a virtual platform (WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams), and 3) common mistakes to avoid when transitioning to a virtual environment.

Mentoring Remotely During Disruption

This article from the Cornell University Graduate School provides a list of considerations for how to connect and communicate with trainees. Helpful points include: establishing regular communication, re-establishing expectations, helping trainees remain connected, and supporting trainees well being.

Mentoring in Crisis Does Not Need to Put Mentorship in Crisis: Realigning Expectations

This article from the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science speaks to mentoring during crisis: focusing on effective mentoring by recognizing the impact of social justice, pandemic pressures, and grief.

Examples from other Mentors

Individual Contingency Plan, Creating a Space for Support and Connection, and Ensuring Equitable Lab/Resource Sharing

Resources for Mentees

Ten Simple Rules for a Successful Remote Postdoc 

This article provides best practices such as how to plan for remote working, establishing a communication plan, using video conferencing, creating digital spaces for the lab, and combating isolation.

6 Tips for Happy, Productive Remote Working

This article includes 6 best practices to use in establishing a successful, productive remote work environment.

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