TOTAL: Take Online Teaching to Another Level

We designed TOTAL to assist faculty in offering a “2.0 version” of their online courses. We want you to Take Online Teaching to Another Level (TOTAL)!


With mandated online learning in the wake of COVID-19, many instructors had to quickly move their face-to-face courses to the online environment, with little, if any, prior training and experience with online learning. This transition challenged many instructors and students alike, and it may have given both parties an inaccurate picture of what online learning can look like at its best. If you are new to online teaching or if you want to take your online teaching to the next level, the TOTAL self-directed assessment and resources may help.

TOTAL begins with a self-assessment checklist that you can use as a benchmark to evaluate the quality of your online course. To help you apply these quality standards to your online course, the checklist is mapped to self-directed learning experiences and resources. These resources will guide you in making targeted improvements to your course design and teaching practices.

For example, we know that when instructors design well-structured online courses that enable students to ask questions, engage in discussions, receive and give feedback, and actively participate in class activities (Joksimović, et al., 2015), students and instructors find the online experience more enjoyable and students achieve better learning outcomes. These are just some of the best practices you will learn about in TOTAL.

Making the Most of TOTAL

We know you may have limited time to learn and implement new practices. To help make this learning more manageable and enjoyable, please read about how to get the most out of the TOTAL program. If you get stuck or want more help, the team at the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) is available to answer your questions. Please reach out to us if you have questions about the material or want our assistance in applying the strategies to your course at .

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