Graduate Teaching Assistants

Welcome new FCTL Graduate Teaching Assistants!

The new Graduate Teaching Assistantship program is a collaborative initiative between Academic Affairs, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL), and UMB schools, supporting teaching-focused student assistantships across the campus.  

GTAs will engage in learning about teaching by providing online learning support and helping faculty in developing online course materials. Students in Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, and the Graduate School received notice of their appointments, which began on September 1. The GTA kick-off meeting was held on September 11. 

GTAs will attend either a monthly virtual, online learning community. These events are hosted by the FCTL and are open to both GTAs and their mentors. During the events, we will talk about a variety of teaching and learning topics, such as privacy, academic integrity and accessibility issues in online learning, quality rubrics and standards, and educational evidence about “what works” from the learning sciences. These meetings will provide a community of student colleagues, who are learning about teaching in higher education contexts and provide direct experience for future careers.

Nine GTAs started on September 1, these include:

Alexis Cirko

Alexis Cirko is a first-year student in the Forensic Medicine Master's Program. She graduated from the University at Albany, SUNY, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and minors in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She enjoys volunteering with a wide variety of organizations from hospitals to conservation societies. Her goal is to pursue a career in forensic medicine. Alexis is working under the direction of Dr. Ling Li at the School of Medicine.

Sarah Pribil

Sarah Pribil is a first-year student in the Forensic Medicine Master’s program. Sarah earned her BS in Biochemistry from Regis University in Denver, Colorado in 2018. Under the direction of Dr. Jim Kucher, Sarah is working to ensure that Dr. Kucher’s courses in the Social Innovation Program are ADA compliant and an engaging learning atmosphere for his students.

Paige Zambrana

Paige Zambrana is a well-versed scientist in biology, as well as dermal pharmacokinetic evaluation. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences under the advisement of Dr. Audra Stinchcomb. Her current research focuses on designing simple, rapid, low cost, validated methods for the evaluation of drug delivery with complex dermal products both in vitro and in vivo.

Fadeke Agboke Department of Faculty and Community Health, in the School of Nursing under the direction of Dr. Dawn Mueller- Burke and Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald

Ioana Ghita is a PhD student in the Oral and Experimental Pathology Program under the direction of Dr. Rania Younis at the School of Dentistry.

Juliette Obi is a PhD student in Pharamaceutical Sciences at the School of Pharmacy under the direction of Dr. Andy Coop and Dr. Chad Johnson.

Riley Risteen is a PhD student in the Graduate School Molecular, Microbiology and Immunology Program at the School of Medicine under the advisement of Dr. Joe Gillespie.

Sumiya Tabassum is a Master’s student in the Graduate School Biochemistry Program at the School of Medicine under the advisement of Drs. Niya Werts and Michelle Pearce.