Kristin Watson, PharmD, BCCP


Associate Professor of Practice, Sciences, and Health Outcomes Research

School Affiliation

School of Pharmacy


  • Cardiology
  • Heart Failure


Dr. Kristin Watson received her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. She completed pharmacy practice and cardiology specialty residencies at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research and teaching focus is in cardiology, primarily in the management of heart failure and the appropriate use of cardiovascular medications. She is the director of the University of Maryland’s postgraduate year 2 cardiology pharmacy residency. Dr. Watson is a board-certified cardiology specialist with an ambulatory care heart failure practice at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Baltimore. Dr. Watson conducts research related to the management of patients with heart failure. Her scholarship is also in the area of residency training. Dr. Watson is a co-founder of the Applied Therapeutics, Research, and Instruction at the University of Maryland (ATRIUM) collaborative, which focuses on the advancement of care provided to patients with cardiovascular disease.

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This information was last updated January 3, 2023.