An integrated system for accessing and reporting on HR/payroll and financial data.  

eUMB is an integrated Oracle/PeopleSoft software suite that was implemented at UMB to streamline business processes and give UMB employees real-time access to human resource and financial data. The initial implementation of the eUMB applications involved replacing many disparate systems containing HR, payroll, financial, procurement, and grants data with a single, comprehensive system. With a single logon via the myUM Portal and common reporting using RAVEN, the eUMB suite provides meaningful, accurate, and timely information that is shared across functional business areas and presented to users on a unified platform. 

The eUMB application suite provides the campus with the following business functions: myUM Portal, HRMS, Financials and RAVEN. The UMB Community System is a closely related system since it must recognize users before they are able to gain access to eUMB applications. Please read more about these functions.

Access Forms

CITS is excited to announce that eUMB security forms will be available to submit online, utilizing electronic signatures by users and approvers in workflow. The current paper/PDF forms will be eliminated. (Users will be required to log in using Multi-Factor Authentication to access the forms.)

The following eUMB Security Forms will be available:

  • eForms User Authorization Form and System Access (eTravel and ePAF)
  • RAVEN Access Request Form
  • eUMB HRMS User Authorization Form
  • eUMB Financials User Authorization Form

Key New Features:

  • The new online Form utilizes workflow to send emails for Approvals to both Department Chair and users (if submitted by a proxy user). The approvers will only need to enter their initials on the form and submit their approval.
  • Emails will be sent from the web development email address for approvals.
  • Users will have online access to their forms submitted to track the process from start to finish.
  • Users can attach additional documentation as needed in Word, Excel or PDF format.

To submit your eUMB User Authorization Form, go to

For additional CITS Access forms, go to

Project Updates