Post‐Incident, Exercises, and Training

Post‐Incident or Event

The Emergency Management Director will schedule an after-action review as soon as possible after a major incident or event and include all appropriate participants. The meeting will focus on lessons learned and be documented by a written report of findings and an improvement plan if determined to be necessary.


Exercises and drills are a key part of the University’s emergency response management program. The Emergency Management Director will be responsible for the scheduling and oversight of emergency exercises. Exercises will be developed based on an assessment of which areas of emergency response capability need testing and will include appropriate internal and external groups needed to effectively test the University’s response.


All University departments are responsible for ensuring that their employees are trained on the emergency response procedures required of their position. In addition, emergency response personnel will be trained to the level required for the role(s) they will serve in an emergency. Training for emergency response personnel will be based on that recommended by National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Students are provided information on emergency management during orientation, through periodic emails, and as part of the University’s annual Clery Reporting requirements.