Troubleshooting Common EHS Online Training Issues

How do I take my ___________ Training?

Navigate to the UMB Environmental Health and Safety webpage:

Click on Training and then MyEHS. You will need to log into SumTotal to access the training. If you are a new employee, it takes 3-5 days to access the system.

Once logged in, choose Online training, which will bring you to the MyEHS Online Training

Please note: The Laboratory Safety Refresher is the same as the initial lab trainings.

I received an error message when I tried to take my training that “SumTotal User does not exist.”

Response for UMB regular employee:

If you recently attended Onboarding, you should be aware that it takes a few days after this for employees to have access to the SumTotal Learning Management System. If you do not have access within 3-5 business days, you will need to contact the HelpDesk. 

Response for a student or a UMB Employee Affiliate:

If you are a student, you will need different links to access the alternate training site. Please contact EHS for the links.

I am in the middle of completing my ___________ course and my screen won’t let me proceed past a certain point. How can I fix this and finish my training?

If using Internet Explorer for your browser, please switch to a different browser such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

Then relaunch the course and proceed. 


Try clearing cookies in your browser. Please refer to JOB AID - Directions for Clearing Cookies.

After this, relaunch the course and proceed.

I took the training and have a screenshot of my quiz score, but there is no record of my completion in SumTotal.

If your course had an EXIT button on the last slide of the course, did you click it? If not, the course did not register as complete. 


Make sure to click on the X in the top right corner of the program to exit it. This will register it as completed. If you did not click the X, the course did not register as complete.

If you still have issues, contact EHS Training.