Lab and Equipment Clearance

As the subject matter experts of their own research operations, it is the responsibility of the principal investigator and research team to prepare laboratory areas for scheduled maintenance, construction, floor services, or vacancies. They are also responsible for preparing laboratory equipment for repair or disposal. 

This process generally involves cleaning/decontaminating and then posting a completed and signed form on the door to the room or piece of equipment. The responsible party to sign should be someone with authority and first hand knowledge of the cleaning/decontamination, typically the Principal Investigator or a designee.

Who To Contact

Questions or concerns can be directed to the points of contact below representing Hazardous Waste, Lab Auditing, and Radiation Safety groups within EHS.

Kevin Nichol (Hazardous Waste)
Manager, Environmental Programs
(410) 706-7055

Stephanie Brandal (Lab Audits)
EHS Specialist
(410) 706-7055

Erik Corbitt (Radiation)
Radiation Health Technician
(410) 706-7055


Equipment Clearance

Laboratory Maintenance or Floor Services

Laboratory Renovation or Vacancy


For EHS pickup of hazardous waste, please see the page on Hazardous Material Management.