Controlled Substances

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The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) investigators who use drugs or substances controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), defined as “controlled substances” below, for research must comply with applicable federal and state laws.

UMB must oversee research use of controlled substances at UMB and in off-campus facilities controlled by UMB, as mandated by the policy on research use of controlled substances. This policy establishes responsibilities and procedures for the exercise of UMB’s oversight of research use of controlled substances.

Who To Contact

EHS will be in contact with each registrant to collect additional information and discuss compliance with the policy.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Simone Houng, Assistant Biosafety Officer or Ronald McNeil, Biosafety Specialist, (410) 706-7055.

This Policy Applies To:

This policy applies to the acquisition, use, manufacture, storage, disposal, and lawful disposition of controlled substances used for research purposes. This policy applies to all registrants and those authorized persons working with controlled substances under registrant supervision.

This Policy Does Not Apply To:

This policy does not apply to licensed practitioners with respect to:

  1. Dispensing controlled substances in the course of their professional practices, as authorized by their licenses as health care practitioners.
  2. Dispensing controlled substances in the course of human subjects research within any hospital in the University of Maryland Medical Center, at the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center, or at any other health care facility that takes responsibility for the inventory and control of controlled substances being used in research.

Controlled Substance Information Form

To begin the data collection process, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is asking all UMB investigators with a state and federal registration to submit information on the Controlled Substance Information Form.