Reporting a work-related injury or illness

Report work-related injuries and illnesses, regardless of whether medical treatment is required, to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) within three (3) days of the incident. Prompt reporting ensures that the injured person receives the medical treatment and benefits entitled to them. To report an injury or illness:

  1. Notify your supervisor of the injury or exposure
  2. Complete the appropriate first report of injury form:
    1. Faculty or staff should complete the following form:
      1. Employee First Report of Injury (PDF) or (Online Form)
    2. Faculty or staff working outside of Maryland should complete the following form:
      1. Out of State Employee First Report of Injury.
    3. Volunteers should complete the following form:
      1. Volunteer First Report of Injury (Online Form)
  3. If seeking medical treatment, print a copy of the report and take it with you to document the injury has been reported to EHS.

Supervisor investigation report and accident witness(s) statement
The following forms should be completed by the injured person's supervisor and witness(s) to the event:

Note: If the PDF form is used, you must fax a completed copy to the attention of Angela Boxley at 410-706-8212.